CBD Candy

CBD Candy

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CBD (Cannabidiol) come from a strain of cannabis plant called Hemp. Used for thousands of years for rope, clothing and healing this new derivative possesses extraordinary healing powers (see below).

CBD is just one of the dozens of cannabinoids (components) found in cannabis, though unlike THC (in marijuana) it has no psychoactive properties whatsoever. CBD has no psychoactive properties, create any of the “high” like effects associated with THC use. CBD has a high affinity for the cannabinoid type one and two receptors, which modulate inflammation, immune system function, and nervous system function / synaptic responses. This highly researched substance has an amazing affinity for the type one and two receptors in nearly all cells of the human body and is therefore one of the most powerful healing oils on the planet.

CBD oils are research and proven to help with:
· Insomnia
· Anxiety
· Pain Relief
· Seizure disorders
· Cancer
· Inflammatory diseases (including arthritis, and IBD)
· Schizophrenia and other mental disorders
· Depression
· Neuropathy

There is no known overdose, toxicity, and very few adverse reaction reports to the use of CBD. Experts consider the use of CBD to be extremely safe. The recommended dosage for most people daily for these conditions are 3-5 mg /day.

There are few companies in the United States that currently offer CBD. Just like any supplement, quality matters when it comes to supplementing with CBD.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Moringa oil, and Award Winning Premium Grade USA CBD Oil from industrial hemp.
30mg Hemp Oil / 30 ml CBD