Drug Free Diabetes Solutions Kit

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When you combine revolutionary INULIN 101, a powerful prebiotic, with our USA grown Moringa Oleifera in cooperation with Moringa Health's proprietary herbal blend MorPower the results id overwhelming.

Within a short two week period, you will begin  to see miraculous results, enhanced cognitive awareness, increased energy, reduced levels and over all feelings of well being.

What is inulin?

Inulin is a term used to describe a group of polysaccharides that is produced by numerous plants. This type of dietary fiber is usually found in the roots of plants, and the plant that most inulins are extracted from is the herb chicory.

As a natural fiber, inulin provides a number of important health benefits, such as help in preventing constipation, lowering cholesterol levels, and promoting good bacteria (probiotics) in the intestinal tract. In fact, inulin is considered a prebiotic, which is a substance that nourishes and supports probiotics, which provide many health benefits on their own. 

Many food manufacturers use inulin as an additive because it contributes fiber without adding undesirable taste or texture. Inulin additives also leave a smooth feeling in the mouth, which makes it a good fat substitute in foods.

Inulin and type 2 diabetes
Inulin also may help with glycemic control in people who have type 2 diabetes. Researchers came to this conclusion after studying 49 women with the disease who were randomly assigned to take either 10 grams per day of inulin or maltodextrin (control group) for two months.