Before You Buy Moringa Read This!

Before You Buy Moringa Read This!

Hello and Welcome to Moringa Health Rx your on line botanical store.

During your visit it is most important to us that you understand not only the importance of Moringa Oliefera as an incredible super food and preventative health care option, but we want you to come away knowing that not all Moringa products are the same.

Before you run out there, and you buy something because it says it contains Moringa think again. Just because it contains Moringa doesnot necessarily mean that it's nutritionally good for you.

Moringa HealthRx brings you the finest Moringa grown on the planet, and it is grown right here locally in the USA. Through years of painstaking formulating of the finest rain forest ingredients, Moringa HealthRx is confident and proud to being you nothing but the best.

When you buy Moringa HealthRx you know your getting superior grade Moringa Grown In The USA.

Moringa HealthRx is the worlds standard for high grade sourced Moringa Oleifera, and Moringa based products. Don’t be fooled by othercompanies saying USA grown products are inferior. Nothing can be further from the truth. At Moringa HeathRx sayings like “you get whatyou pay for”, and “the proof is in the pudding” could never ring more
true. Your results are our best testimony.

You don’t have to be a botanist to know the difference. Often simple visual comparisons can be evidence of temperature fluctuations in international transport, government enforced radiation, inappropriate drying and common heat induced friction processing techniques, leave little to no nutritional value in cheep imported products. Further
concern is that these ingredients are being put inside tea bags capsules and varied other products where your naked eye cannot discern even the most basic quality test.

Moringa HealthRx only uses the finest pure Moringa cultivated through thirty years of cross breeding and pain staking attention to detail from soil quality through to proprietary processing. We use sophisticated testing equipment to ensure the highest quality throughout all our product line be it powders or oils. It is essential that Moringa is dried at a specific constant humidity level and that the drying process is prolonged for a 72 hour period. Many companies boast their “specialized” flash drying process. Flash drying kills nutritional value and the benefits of Moringa. Grinding and other forms of processing create friction heat and further degrade the nutritional value. At Moringa HealthRx we use proprietary systems with forced air to powderize our leaf, as we take your health, the health of your family, and our families very seriously.

Though we offer hands down the finest pure Moringa, oil, leaves and seed in the world we also are famous for our moringa based rain forest infused botanical formulations. The formulations you will find here are specifically meant to change people lives, and that is why we have some of the best re-order rates in the industry.

Moringa HealthRx has a passion for world hunger and has sponsored a global food awareness initiative called LeafLife. A portion of all of your purchases go to support the LeafLife awareness initiative.

We hope you come away with a greater understanding of why Moringa HealthRx products should be the one and only choice for you and your family.

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