Thank you for the excellent products !!  I have lost weight.  I have great energy levels, and sense of well-being!    Thanks          

- Valerie Eisen R.N.  M.S.W


My mom's 81 years old and her doctor is expecting that she will eventually be off synthroid, lisinipril, pravastatin, metiformin, and gabapintin. BPrx, Thyroid, pain, colesterol and diabetes.


His exact words were"Yes, she should take her moringa products. I expect for her not to have to take any of her prescribed medications after regular use". My daughter and I have a testimony as well. But my mom sanctioned not only by her doctor but 3 others I have introduced the product too! 

- Teresa Hudson- Smelser


I must admit, Moringa has definite health enhancing advantages. Taken as recommended, the results are great and the increased levels of overall energy offer a wonderful alternative to standard vitamin store supplements.

- Michael P.

I have a lot of health issues, and I started taking Moringa products I got my energy back, my mind is clearer, I am breathing clearer, I have more stamina, I even feel that my vision is improving, my sinuses are detoxing and over all I feel a sense of well being.

- Bill Donahue

I inherited chronic dry feet, and I have tried every over the counter option available with no success. The rain forest oil RFBlend53 is amazing. With the first application my feet were completely restored. Flaking and cracking and scaling was gone. Now I use it just 2-3 times a week and I can wear flip flops again with out being embarrassed. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

- Steven Cohen


For some reason I have always found it difficult to get out of bead in the morning, it has been a life long struggle. But the KongRx Moringa powder is remarkable I have no more mid-day lag and once my eyes open in the morning my mind is clear and I am ready to go. Remarkable!

- Vincent Charbone



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