Rosacea Relief

Rosacea Relief

Rosacea (roe-ZAY-she-uh) is a common skin condition that causes redness and visible blood vessels in your face. It may also produce small, red, pus-filled bumps. These signs and symptoms may flare up for a period of weeks to months and then diminish for a while. Rosacea can be mistaken for acne, an allergic reaction or other skin problems.

Rosacea can occur in anyone. But it most commonly affects middle-aged women who have fair skin. While there's no cure for rosacea, treatments can control and reduce the signs and symptoms. Organic solutions are your best bet as many over the counter and prescription solutions can contain harsh chemicals and controversial ingredients.  If you experience persistent redness of your face, see your doctor for a diagnosis and proper treatment.

We highly recommend using rain forest blends of products as natures best solution for rectifying rosacea problems. RFBlend 53 a rain forest blend of over 53 oils comes highly recommended for reducing and even eliminating flare ups.



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